Mansion Tax: Farcicle Lib-Dems prove they have no politics

The Liberal Democrats have been proving once again that they have no conviction of their own party politics. First of all it was the Student Tuition fees, followed by a string of other policy blunders and gaffs and now The Mansion Tax that they have championed for years as their flagship policy, they won’t see through to the end because they don’t want to upset their Masters The Conservatives.

Vince Cable votes

Vince Cable, a principled man that is being brow beaten into voting for things he nor his party want.

Not taking the bait: Lib Dems refuse to vote with Labour on mansion tax

Tuesday, 12 March 2013 8:57 AM

By Ian Dunt

Liberal Democrats will hold back from supporting a Labour motion for a mansion tax today, as they stand against a policy they have promoted for several years.

The party was put in an impossible position after Labour specifically designed an opposition day motion on the policy to cause a rift in the coalition.

The Lib Dems tried to get out of the sticky situation by deciding to vote for an amendment expressing support for the mansion tax but accepting the Tories do not.

“This amendment allows Liberal Democrats in parliament to back our long-held policy of the mansion tax,” Vince Cable said.

Full story can be read here


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