Sydney Mardi Gras Police Brutality – two sides to every tale

Warning: This video contains graphic images of physical violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

In the four minute video, a man is detained by police, while others, including the person making the video, attempt to get the badge number of the officer involved.

The person recording is then asked to stop recording, which he contests, and says there is no law to stop him from recording.

Several witnesses in the video say they saw the incident, during which the officer allegedly grabbed the detainee by the throat and hit his head on the ground.

It was initially alleged that the main in the video was just crossing the street, but however since the incident he as admitted to ‘tickling’ a woman he didn’t know. In the video below we can see another viewpoint of the incident.

Second video of "police brutality" at Sydney Mardi Gras

Additional footage released by Sydney Morning Herald ©

However despite these two conflicting stories there are other incidents that are now more incidents being brought to the attention of New South Wales police. These and others can be read by visiting


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