Government U-Turn on Alcohol Pricing


Cabinet Climb Down on Alcohol Pricing leaves Cameron red-faced again

PLANS to bring in a minimum price for alcohol look set to be dropped after a Cabinet revolt.
The idea, which experts say could cut 2,000 drink-related deaths in a decade, ran into opposition from ministers including home secretary Theresa May (pictured), education secretary Michael Gove, Eric Pickles and Andrew Lansley. They have privately told David Cameron they are opposed to the plan, for England and Wales, after the drinks industry produced its own research suggesting it would have little effect on problem drinkers or crime – Reports The Metro

So that’s the Home Secretary, the woman responsible for policing and tackling anti-social behaviours lobbying against a culture where it’s cheaper to buy a can of beer, than it is to buy a bottle of soda. Cameron, again looks like a used car salesman who promises the world but fails to deliver the goods, remember this was his ‘personal campaign’ and their research showed it would save about 200 lives a year – this Cabinet is clearly showing it is the Cabinet for big business and not the cabinet for ordinary everyday families – what a farce

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