Joining the 10,000 Hands Campaign @10000hands – an inspirational campaign

James-J Walsh caught red handed supporting the 10,000 hands campaign

James-J Walsh caught red handed supporting the 10,000 hands campaign

Earlier this week I was lucky enough to catch up with the 10,000 campaigns – an innovative campaign led by young people to make Lewisham a safer place for all its residents. Camilla, 19 (pictured center left) has been working on projects making Lewisham a better place for teenagers since Year 7 and is a truly inspirational young woman. The project now hopes to collect enough hand prints to wrap City Hall in.

More about the group can be found by visiting their website here

10,000 Hands Making Lewisham City Safe
Every secondary school pupil in Lewisham coming together, to bring the City Safe Haven campaign to the borough. Young people taking a ‘10,000 Hand’ message of hope to The Mayor of London, Number 10 Downing Street, leading the way for every other borough in London; and every other city in the world.

On the 15 March, 2013, all Lewisham Secondary Schools, The Jimmy Mizen Foundation, Lewisham MET, the Mayor, MP’s, Citizens UK and youth organisations are coming together to launch – ‘Lewishams 10,000 Hands’.

Over the next year the 10,000 Hands will bring together Lewisham :  four events – the biggest being every pupil in Lewisham working together to spell out the letters C I T Y S A F E across the borough. This will be filmed by London MPS Helicopter,  India 99, and hopefully other press helicopters.


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