Why #ISPFiltering is the wrong approach

parental control visual

My comment on ‪#‎ISPFiltering‬ – “Pointless” at the age of 10 I set up our internet service provision with our provider. I installed all the software – I set up all the hardware, my mother just looked blankly on.

She had no idea what I was, or was not, doing in the process it just went simply above her head. We need to realise that the next generation simply know more about new technology as they are native to it.

When I was at school, the word ‘gay’ was barred from our IT systems – so when I was looking for other LGBT young people and youth groups… I had to use a proxy server.. I found my content, but also a heap of heterosexual porn as these servers are often sponsored by them. ‪#‎ISPFilters‬ are not ‘intelligent’ –  groups are already warning, that rape victim resources, resources for the LGBT community and a whole host of other legitimate and helpful services will be limited to the population by default. I also had the somewhat humiliating experience recently of having to go and show my ID to my mobile phone provider to ‘access 18+ sites’ when I swapped provider recently, not because I wanted to access porn on my phone, but because I couldn’t even get MSN News or PinkNews as they considered these to have age-restricted content. These are real life examples.
I want a government that doesn’t do the digital equivalent of burning books, I want a government that looks at the dangers faced by young people online and gives them the skills knowledge & confidence as to how to deal and navigate them… and #ISPFiltering is not the equivalent.
Finally, this is a bad precedent. ‘Morally objectionable content’, decided by whom exactly, will be prohibited in our state. It makes me uneasy as to who and what will be tracked and monitored as part of this. Freedom of thought, is a fundamental right and whilst this is couched in the terms of ‘protecting children’ to sell it to the Daily Mail electorate, I wonder exactly where this will lead….

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