Catford Cinema Club Logo

“Gordons Alive!” – Catford Cinema Club is a go!

Catford Cinema Club Logo

The pilot Catford Cinema Club was an unmitigated success, attracting over 150 people to come out onto the Catford Broadway and reclaim its use as a refreshed facility in our public realm. The project was a trial ahead of a hopeful bid to run more film and food based activities in and around the Catford centre in 2015.

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Catford Society is hoping to enhance the unfair image of Catford and Rushey Green that we often get saddled with, and this kind of activity and its associated formal and informal media coverage, can really help with that perception, whilst offering a free community focused activity that deals with the issue that we one of only two London Boroughs without a Cinema.

To find out more follow @CatfordCinema on twitter

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