James-J Walsh Biography

Community Activist, passionate about: Education, Equality and the Community I live in.

On the 24th May 2014 – I was elected to be a Lewisham Councillor representing the Rushey Green Ward as a Labour Councillor for more information please visit the Lewisham Council website. I was also appointed by my Councillor peers to the roles of Vice Chair Strategic Planning and Vice Chair Sustainable Development.

Born and bred in Lewisham, South London, I currently live and represent Rushey Green Ward, the civic heart of the London Borough of Lewisham.

By day I work currently for a charity leading on Volunteering Equality & Diversity, ensuring every person affected by Cancer receives the support they need, and helping inspire millions more to do the same.  Previously I have worked for the Multiple Sclerosis Society, where I worked to defend the NHS and specialist services from cuts and fighting for the rights of disabled people, carers and their family.

In my spare time, I’m Campaigns Director for Out4Marriage, Founder & Treasurer of the Catford Society, Vice-Chair Campaigns of Rushey Green Labour, and Founder & Chair of Rushey Green Community funding panel. All in all I’m committed to “just trying to do good” in both my neighbourhood and broader Society. Alongside this I am unashamedly an active Trade Unionist, and form part of the Executive for Unison’s Community & Voluntary Branch in London.



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