Lewisham Labour

James-J Walsh

James-J Walsh

“James-J Walsh – Putting local people ahead of party politics”

Lewisham is my community, it’s where I was born and educated, live and work, and where I hope one day to start my family. I know the area, I know the challenges and I know that I have the commitment to deliver for Labour, for Lewisham and for you.

It’s my belief that candidates should talk about the future and undeniably the next few years will be a tough time for families in Lewisham. Inflation at a high, wages at a low, and with families being squeezed, hard choices lie ahead for us all.

Tough choices lie ahead for Lewisham Council as well, as the Councils own budget is being slashed by a third. Even though there are tough decisions to be made there are still good and bad choices, and Lewisham needs people who can govern with innovation and creativity, as just cutting non-essential services still won’t meet the shortfall in funding. I’m committed to making sure that Lewisham does what it takes to ensure we provide the strongest safety net for those families and individuals in our community most at risk. Lewisham needs Councillors who can govern and innovate, and not just more bureaucratic middle managers.

::I’m the candidate with experience of governing large organisations through hard times back to stability and growth::

I’m proud of the community that I live, work and grew up in, and it’s my belief that whilst tough times are ahead the potential and opportunity for Lewisham is still be vast.

Despite the national picture, Lewisham can achieve economic growth and prosperity, I’m the candidate that has been involved with the consultations and discussion about our needs and the future including the Catford Town Centre redevelopment; Catford Dog Track, and the new homes that are being built; and calling for the DLR and Bakerloo Line extension through to Lewisham and on to Catford, all of which will bring prosperity, better access links and jobs to our area.

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My five promises
However developments should not come at the cost of those of us already living in the community, and I’m concerned about the impact on our communities infrastructure; traffic and parking; doctors and dentist; effects on local traders and the economy; and schools able to accommodate a growing community, will be areas I would need to be satisfied had been adequately thought about before they gained my support.

I’m the candidate that is a qualified Town Planner, that is Chair of Rushey Greens new resident association, and has been out advocating for the needs of Residents like you

Whilst I have been on the door step listening to local residents views, I’ve chaired our Ward meetings, and been an active and vocal organiser of our local assembly, I still want to hear your thoughts. Over the next few days I will be making as many contacts as I can with you – but you can always talk to me.


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